Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quite a handful...really?

Not sure if this for therapy or what but I just have to write it down - maybe in hopes that it will never happen again?!

Ty had a rough day yesterday.

I thought we were going to have a great afternoon. It was beautiful outside. After we ran our errands, I had planned to head to the park. Why do I ever try to plan things? With his favorite lunch packed, we headed to Jo Ann's. I just needed to return a few things. When we walked in, the line for the returns was unusually long. I should have left then. Instead...

I left my things and decided to walk around the store.

And the fit began.

We were walking to the paint section when he decided to let go of my hand and dart right into a pile of Rubbermaid containers. Picture a wall of blocks that took hours to build -- It was like he thought it was a wall built just for him to slam into.

They went crashing.

He saw the look on my face and ran even faster. I left my cart (purse and all) and chased after him.

I should have left then. Instead...

I put him in the cart and tried to grab the one thing I came into the store for.


We took a shortcut through the wedding aisle (of all places!) and he started grabbing things off the shelf and throwing them on the floor. As I tried to restrain his arms, he grabbed the glasses off my face and threw them on the floor. Instinctively, I reached for my glasses and he started throwing everything he could get his hands on. (skipping a few minutes of fit, throwing, picking up, screaming, etc.) I decided to ditch the cart and head out of the store as fast as I could.

This is when the BIG fun began!

He started making this obscene screeching noise...followed by throwing his head back into my face. I restrained him with one arm and protected my face with the other. I was literally playing tennis with his head.

I have NEVER seen him like this and had no idea what to do.

I started to walk out. Then this thought flashed into my head ** $30 of returns are still sitting at the return desk. ** Ok, $30...not a ton of money but when you are as cheap as I am...$30 (at the time) seemed like it was worth risking walking back into the store.

The sweet woman behind the counter acted like she could not see the sweat dripping from my face, hear my son screeching at the top of his lungs, etc. and tried to make small talk. I just smiled politely as I wanted to scream at her -- Would you PLEASE HURRY UP! Then she politely said, "Oh, he's quite a handful."


** Oh, and to finish the night...he decided he didn't like dinner and threw his plate (I didn't expect anything less on a day like we were having.) The plate, unfortunately for him, had hot mashed potatoes on it. They splashed on his face and arm. With the way he was screaming, I thought we were going to end up in the ER.

Thankfully, after he calmed down, he decided to go to sleep.

So far today, he's in a fantastic mood.


Jen said...

wow - that IS a day.

if it helps to think about, i bet at least 75% of moms in the store at the time were familiar with that kind of fit. i know when i recognize behavior in other kids (the glasses grabbing is the WORST!) i just feel so sympathetic for the mom. :(

here's to a better tuesday!

cupcake studio said...

Oh man...Spring fever, maybe? said...

Sounds like Ty has just the right amount of boy in him to make him a little man (*snicker). Seems like moms are the ones who get to experience such pleasures, right? My heart goes out to you and hope the spring fever passes to summer fun!!
Thinking of you!