Friday, November 7, 2008

Five on Friday...

Five things that are getting to me...
1. Still feeling very anxious and antsy today.
2. Haven't been able to sleep well this week. Sure hope this weekend is relaxing.
3. My job "opportunities" haven't turned out the way I expected...well, not yet at least. I still have hope that something will happen but I'm getting discouraged.
4. My daughter has inherited our "worry" gene and seems so overwhelmed.
5. Can't get motivated to do much these days

Five things I am so happy about...
1. Very excited to see the new stamps I illustrated. I love to be a part of something. When I create them I feel that connection that I am missing so much.
2. I cleaned our closet today. Feels so organized and "right".
3. I get to start personalizing in a few weeks and will hopefully start to make a little money.
4. Christmas is next month and the kids are just as excited as I am about decorating. Ryan is still convinced we need to wait until after Thanksgiving but we are sneaking little things out all over the house. :)
5.It's Friday!

Not sure where these thoughts came from but...that's ok! :)


cupcake studio said...

Oh my dear...that worry gene has got to go. You are so talented...I'm sure that the job fairy will visit soon :) Can't WAIT to see the new stamps. Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

Simon said...

The new stamps are fabulous! You are very talented and skilled!!!!

Hope Hallie learns how to breathe deeply and let it all go ;)