Friday, March 13, 2009

The Mottola's

Just finished a gift that I am very excited to give. Ryan's cousin is getting married in July and this is a gift I will be giving his future wife. It is a photo of Ryan's Aunt and Uncle on their wedding day. His Uncle passed away when Ryan's cousin was 9...I think. Seeing how much he now looks like his father is amazing to me. I hope Erin likes it...The photo is quite small and finding a frame that didn't swallow it was pretty tough. Thankfully my new friends at Hobby Lobby helped me out...I've been there twice already today. Can you say obsessed?

Here is my other project today. Hobby Lobby sales are the best! Ty and I spent yesterday with my parents at the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Ohio Historical Museum. My Mom and I picked out 8x10 postcards from the exhibit -- the same ones! I liked it so much that I had it framed. Seeing how much Ty enjoyed the exhibit makes me like the art even more. Now I need to find the perfect spot for it!

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cupcake studio said...

Those are both so great...especially love the wedding photo. What a personal & thoughtful gift!