Friday, March 6, 2009

Shower Announcements

* This is a pic of the sample - the final had a band around the middle with sweet little cutouts...simple but perfect for the event.

I just completed 40 shower announcements for Ryan's future cousin. Usually by this point I am frustrated or overwhelmed but not this time!

I am so proud of myself. Instead of over extending myself, trying to cut every piece out and hand make them, I bought a box of Martha Stewart invitation paper, typed everything out and...5 minutes later...40 invitations.

They are so pretty too!

What a good day -- road our bikes to the gym, went swimming, cleaned the house & now...even get to check off the invitations...see what sun and warmer weather does to me!!


cupcake studio said...

You go, girl! said...

OH I WOULD LOVE TO SEE! I am doing some shower invites for my brother's future wife now!

Sara D. said...

I don't have any of the originals left -- just gave them all to my MIL but I posted a picture of one of the samples. The final ones have a wrap around the middle section with some cut-outs. :)