Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling better

I guess I just need to listen to others and let myself off the hook every once in a while. I was convinced that I would never stop replaying Thanksgiving. Like I was in some sick Ground Hog day movie. Thankfully...it has slowed down. And I think it will continue to slow down every day. Granted, every time he holds his stomach...I panic. When he cries, I run just a little faster than I did before. It will probably always be that way and I am ok with that. I love my children and will do anything for them...and I don't want to have to have another reminder that life is so short to kick me in the butt and tell me to stop listening to "the experts" and just do what I feel is the best for my kids. I think I know them well enough that...even if I stumble a few times...eventually, we will get it right together. With all that non-sense...exciting week this week. The kids are on spring break. We were supposed to be in Niagara Falls with Ryan's parents but it didn't work out. The kids were so disappointed but I think we are making the best of it. I am loving them being home and I know Monday will come to quick. So far, we have gone to Cosi with Halle's friend, Emily. The three kids had a great time. They have a little adventure area that was adorable. I love watching their brains work. So cute. Today, we spent the day at Recreations Outlet with our neighbors. The kids played on the indoor playground. We headed to the pet store to play with some of the dogs and now they are watching a movie. I love hearing them laugh. Such a great sound.

Ty seems to have his energy back. He doesn't complain about getting tired as much any more. I love to see that. Seeing his little pale face and big blue eyes staring at you was pretty depressing. Now, he's running around like a wild man again and the color is back. Love his pink cheeks! :)

Halle is stressing again but I'm sure she will be just fine. Wish I wasn't so sensitive about it because I know I make it worse. Everyone says children can read you like a book but how to you stop yourself from worrying. Wish I knew! :)

Well, I hear whining...which means, the movie is getting old. Better go save the day.

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