Sunday, January 18, 2009

25 Random things about me...

1. I reorganize my house (closets, drawers, etc.) on a weekly basis -- it's like a disorder.
2. I could (and often do) eat ice cream every day. When I stop, I often gain more weight than when I ate it.
3. I LOVED my job before I stayed home with the kids and it often miss it. I wish I could do graphic design full time and stay home with my the same time.
4. I often think of ways to start my own small business but I am horrible at asking for or taking money from anyone. Even if I know I deserve it. (I often resort to bartering.) I need a business manager.
5. I am very sensitive. I cry way more than I should and my feelings are hurt on a daily basis.
6. I haven't had anything carbonated since working at McDonald's in high school - thanks Mosher family. :)
7. Nothing carbonated includes beer -- never had one...probably never will. So sad, isn't it? The best part about it is that I went to more parties than I can count in college and enjoyed it.
8. I am very absent minded and forget even the most important details. I often wonder if something is wrong with me.
9. Although I wanted 4 children, I had my tubes tied after 2.
10. People often tell me that I do way too much for my husband.
11. I love working out but have a hard time taking the time for myself.
12. I am rarely away from my children - unless they are at school.
13. I had to take a special reading class in college because I have horrible retention skills. From page to page, I have no idea what is going on with a book.
14. I have illustrated over 40 sets of stamps and I am so proud of them. I want to share them with everyone.
15. I am a girl scout leader for my daughter's troop and I often think that ANYONE could do a better job. Thankfully the girls are only in kindergarten.
16. To relax, I watch ridiculous MTV shows like Date My Mom...then Olbermann so I don't feel like my brain is complete mush.
17. I illustrated a children's book and, because I am so hard on myself, never even read it to my own children.
18. I drove a Honda Odyssey until a few weeks ago and was HORRIBLE at it. I hit the front of our garage (or anything else in my way) more often than I can count.
19. I am obsessed with Barack Obama and his family. The same goes for anyone I admire or want to know more about...I probably know more details about Lebron James' life than many of his closest friends.
20. I don't go to church and haven't for a long time. I feel guilty every Sunday but don't like to go without my husband and since that isn't happening...the guilt stays.
21. I have written my children a letter every month since the day Ty was born.
22. The more imperfect I think someone is, the more I love them. My kids are the best example. My defenses kick in and I defend everything they do.
23. I hate being told that I am unorganized, shy/quiet or absent-minded...even though I know with all my heart that I am. I want to be someone I am not.
24. I have a strange obsession with jails and criminals. I would love to one day work in a prison but know they would eat me alive.
25. I love doing puzzles...especially on our xbox. It is insane but I could sit and put them together the entire day and not realize it.


cupcake studio said...

Hey, that's pretty crazy. I also have a semi-obsession with jails. Love to watch "Lock Up" on CNBC :)

Sara D. said...

Oh - I love that show! We should take a jail tour together! :) Think any of the ladies in the Marysville prison would like to craft with us??